Elastik is a suite compromising of two products - Enterprise Resource Management and Website. It has been developed by VGR Solutions Ltd and it responds to nearly all type of organization in whatever sphere of businesses who need to capture the daily transactions of their business be it sales, purchases, inventory, cash, credit, journal entries, accounting and to eventually report there on with meaningful facts and statistics.

The word elastic has been purposely chosen due to the fact that its features and benefits brings versality and agility on functionalities and operations within the ERP solution.
Elastik is web-based and is delivered on Cloud. The provider, VGR Solutions Ltd, has invested heavily to ensure ease of accessibility, protections and security.
Since Elastik is Cloud based, it can be accessed from anywhere, whenever from most of the well-known browser through any of your devices like desktop computer, laptop tablet or your smart phone. Hence does not require any other investment in terms of servers, hosting, server room, specific infrastructure etc.

All the hosting facilities are taken care of by VGR Solutions Ltd.
No need for inhouse technicians. Since the solution is cloud based and managed by VGR Solutions Ltd, you do not need to worry operation as this is fully taken care by the provider. As a user of Elastik Solution you can concentrate on your business and Elastik takes care of the rest
With Elastik solution, we have made life a lot easier with the possibility to upload all your existing data (Customers, Suppliers, Inventory Items and contact details) through spread sheet/ CSV file. Really easy to upload once you have a clean data set prepared.
Elastik Solution also gives you the possibility to upload balances from Debtors, Open Sales Invoices, Creditors, Open Creditors’ Invoices, Bank Balances and all General ledger balances as at a date required.
With a proper planning your implementation is made seamlessly. We have examples of large companies who have been up and running within 1-2 weeks
You will need to codify Items, customers, suppliers and the General Ledger codes. For the General Ledger (GL), you may have to seek help of your accountant to provide you with a GL Plan which is mostly known as the Chart of Account.
Then there is a need to prepare the status of stock quantity and Value, Balances of Debtors and Creditors and status of each accounts in the General ledger.

Once all the above has been taken care of, Elastik Solution gives you appropriate template for each data set (Customers, suppliers, Inventory Items, Open balances) available for upload in the system.
Elastik Solution has a dedicated team to handle all queries and issues that may occur while using your Elastilk EMS. Please send email to support@vgrs.mu or call on 2602040